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Aromatic and therapeutic herbs

Loads of aromatic and therapeutic herbs grow in Greece, one of the richest countries in biodiversity. Either as food or as natural remedies, they have been used since the ancient times, mainly as pain-killers. Nowadays, a good 75% of chemical medicines are based on the miraculous properties of herbs. Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Purlsane: Good for raw salads, it protects the heart.
  • Basil: A stomach tonic as herbal tea, it calms the nerves and the headaches. It’s famous for its wonderful aroma and its insect-repellent properties too.
  • Valeriana: The anti-stress element of nature.
  • Anise: As tea it invigorates the digestive and the nervous systems; in dough and drinks (ouzo, tsípouro) it gives a rich taste.
  • Laurel: With antiseptic properties against the catarrh and bronchitis, it adds a tasteful aroma to pulses, salads and meats. In its oily form, it tonifies hair.
  • Spearmint: In its essential oil version it fights against inflammations in the nasopharynx, gingivitis, and rheumatics. It is beneficiary in case of stomach conditions and migraines. Irreplaceable for sauces and meatballs.
  • Rosemary: Anaemia, insomnia, dizziness and mind exhaustion can find a good rival in rosemary. If boiled, its vapour functions as a great face cleanser. It is used in hair lotions too.
  • Dittany: Spasmolytic, tonifying, anti-diabetic as tea; useful in aromatherapy and for pharmaceutical applications as an essential oil.
  • Eucalyptus: When boiled, its vapour helps as an antiseptic for the lungs. What is more, it makes a tea with digestive and tonifying effects.
  • Thyme: Antiseptic and tonifying, it fights against fever and flu, as well as skin infections. It gives off a wonderful aroma when used to marinate meat.
  • Coriander: Good for your stomach, it is used to season fish and meat alike.

  • Lemon verbena: A natural analgesic, especially for the stomach.
  • Lavender: It calms your body, it perfumes the house, and it is the perfect natural antibiotic against infections.
  • Lemon balm: It makes a tea with excellent anti-stress, analgesic and tonifying effects.
  • Mint: With its peppery pleasant taste it gives you a soft push and some digestive help. It is famous as an ingredient for pastry, for liqueurs, for perfumes and for medicines.
  • Mallow: For relaxing and smoothing needs of the stomach.
  • Dandelion: For anaemia, cholesterol, diabetes and skin conditions. Traditional pies and salads are lucky to have it as an ingredient.
  • Oregano: If you suffer from diarrhea or travellers’ nausea and if you feel weak, it’s what you need. Enjoy it on the famous Greek salad and with all kinds of meat.
  • Nettle: It detoxifies your body, it fights against cholesterol and stomach conditions and it helps you against anaemia. Take in its beneficiary properties in pies.
  • Greek Mountain Tea (sideritis clandestina): It’s the commonest type of tea not just for its delicious taste, but also for its digestive, warming, tonifying and antioxidant effects. Get rid of your cold with its aid, and use it with lemon and honey as an antiseptic for your throat.
  • Sage: Aromatic, digestive, disinfective, tonifying and soothing at the same time.
  • Camomile: It will tonify you and it will calm you; but it will also be your loyal ally for beauty and skin health.

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